Swipe Right for this ‘Hood (Vancouver Edition)

What neighbourhood is right for you?  Your lifestyle, preferences and location requirements are all key to deciding where to live. Are you are looking for a strong sense of community? Do you want to walk to work or have easy access to the beach? Or, do you hate cooking and want to be near restaurants and bars?

Let’s be real though… it is pretty hard to make a ‘wrong’ choice.  After all,  Vancouver is ranked 3rd globally as the best place to live in the world according to The Economist.  Besides our good looks, Vancouver also boasts a great personality, able to get along with just about everybody (though sometimes a wee bit conceited)! Below we’ve provided high-level groupings to help you decide on a Vancouver neighbourhood.


Find Your Neighbourhood in Vancouver


For Families & Kids

Point Grey Vancouver
Photo: Point Grey by @spencergraffos

Cambie Village
Riley Park
Point Grey
Olympic Village


Nightlife & Dating

Granville Street Vancouver
Photo: Granville Street by @alohapalani

West End
Mt. Pleasant
Coal Harbour
Olympic Village



Pride Vancouver
Photo: Pride flag by Kirsty Lee

West End
Commercial Drive


Beach Lovers

Kitsilano Vancouver
Photo: Kitsilano by @maynard

West End
Point Grey



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