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Step into the Wild – Hikes near Vancouver

You’d be challenged to find another similar-sized city that offers true back country hiking experiences 30 minutes from its urban doorstep. Vancouver has well deserved bragging rights in this department with elaborate trail systems lining the North Shore mountains, Tri-cities’ slopes and pastoral suburbs to the south and east. There is something for everyone from the steep and challenging options on Cypress and Grouse Mountains to the easy winding trails along the banks of the Fraser River.  All it takes is a sense of adventure and google maps to set you on your way!

Here are 5 that will get the blood pumping and the heart rate soaring:

1. Cabin Lake, Cypress Mountain

A challenging 40-60 minute ascent brings you to a picturesque lake ideal for swimming in the summer months.

2. Eagle Bluffs, Cypress Mountain

Not tired yet or caught your second win after a dip in Cabin Lake? Then continue on the trail southbound to reach Eagle Bluffs (additional 45 minutes) where the views are magnificent – 270 degree panorama of Mt. Baker, Vancouver, Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast.

3. Fishermans’s Trail, Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Winding along the Seymour River, this easy trail offers everyone a bucolic escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Breathe deep and fill your senses with the scent of pine, the majestic height of the Douglas Firs, and the steely green of the Seymour River running alongside the path.

4. Mystery Lake, Mt Seymour

A short but steep hike to another scenic lake, Mystery Lake offers you an Alpine experience as Whisky Jacks feed from your hand and the possibility of seeing a bear is very real.

5. Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Tsawassen/Delta

An important reserve for migratory birds, the Reifel Bird Sanctuary is a bird watcher’s paradise but also offers less ambitious hikers a beautiful, meandering network of trails to explore.

Of course, this list is just the tip of the iceberg but, hopefully, it is enough to nudge you out the door, and away from another weekend of Netflix marathons.



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