Decluttering Your Kitchen

Top 4 Tips To Declutter Your Kitchen

How to pare your space to perfection with a few easy tips.

Moving into a new place serves a great purpose – it offers you the perfect opportunity to shed belongings and simplify your life. The perfect edit not only unclutters your surroundings, but it also unclutters your mind.

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The kitchen is the most pivotal area of any home. It is where we cook, eat and congregate. Keeping it clean and clutter free is always a challenge but consider these tips.

Gadgets & occasional items

Conduct an overhaul of all the gadgets in your kitchen. Do you really need that avocado device when a knife will do? How many ladles do you really need? Be ruthless and donate what you don’t need.

As for punch bowls, chafing dishes, ice buckets and the like, consider storing them elsewhere as they are used infrequently. This will free up important real estate for other more quotidian items like kettles and blenders or bigger dry goods like flour or cereal boxes.


Once gadgets are reviewed and duplicates discarded, your drawer space should free up. Ensure you have properly fitted utensil organizers – one for cutlery, another for longer utensils and tools.

Know your strengths

If you only bake once a year, do you need 3 shelves dedicated to piping bags and sprinkles? This space is better allocated to oils and vinegars or other everyday items.


The goal, of course, is to clear your countertops. They are your work and entertaining surfaces so the cleaner the better. Ideally, the only appliances that are on display are a toaster and coffee maker. All the others should have a home on a shelf or in a cupboard. And, if your cabinets do not extend to the ceiling, you can make use of the space above the cupboards for more decorative or larger items like vases and serving dishes.

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