Vancouver Mural Festival

2018 Vancouver Mural Festival – In case you missed it…

The 2018 Mural Festival kicked off last weekend, August 6-11, and showcased some extraordinary work ranging from the detailed work by Kyle Scott to some seriously badass graffiti by the likes of VERS and DEF3.  From Science World up to 16th Ave., Main Street area buildings and walls have been transformed.

Over 20 artists were given the unique opportunity to make the city their canvas. The scale and visibility of the murals add a visceral punch to the city landscape, exciting and challenging passerbys. Thankfully, you can still gorge on this visual feast –  just check out the interactive Mural Map and plan your route!

Vancouver Mural Festival
Mural by @linsey_levendall
Vancouver Mural by Hannalejoshi
Mural from @hannaleejoshi
Vancouver Mural Festival No Rain No Flowers
Mural by @thriveartstudio

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