Celebration of Light Fireworks in Vancouver

Boom! Best Spots to Watch the Fireworks

Best Places to Watch the Celebration of Light Fireworks in Vancouver

Nothing like Vancouver’s Annual Honda Celebration of Light fireworks to punctuate your summer! On July 28th, August 1st and August 4th , 2018 the skies will light up as South Africa, Sweden, and South Korea show off their fireworks flare.

And this year, Vancouver’s most spectacular beachside experience can be made even better simply by downloading the free mobile app (Honda Celebration of Light) which pairs the soundtrack to the fireworks choreography – delivering clear, orchestral sound to your ears and ensuring the pyrotechnic WOW is seen and heard! The app also gives you all the information you need to fully enjoy your festival experience.

Where to Watch Vancouver's Celebration of Light
2017’s Celebration of Light, view of English Bay

Where to watch the fireworks:

Up close and personal. Sunset Beach or English Bay gives you quite literally the most bang for your buck. The fireworks barge is parked about 100 meters from shore facing English Bay delivering full-on impact.

Some elbow room, please. Second Beach offers a less crowded vantage point. Though the spectacle might be slightly obscured at times by geography, the proximity to a big playground and grassy field, makes it ideal for young families.

Keep your distance. Kits Point, Vanier Park allow you to take it all in from across the water.

Self-I.D. as a VIP? Treat yourself to the ultimate fireworks experience, buy tickets to the Keg Lounge, Concord Lounge at the Inukshuk, or YVR Observation Deck on the grassy banks of English Bay.

Above it all. Make friends with a Westender to mix, mingle and enjoy the show from a private balcony or rooftop. Then check out our Vancouver apartment listings to find and rent yourself the perfect fireworks patio for next year’s spectacle!

Wherever you choose to take it in, the evening will, quite literally, be LIT.

Celebration of Light Vancouver

For additional information: http://hondacelebrationoflight.com/

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